Our Mission 

The Charity Pro’s come together to advocate for children’s social causes and expand the opportunities for the children to live their best life. Our dedication and commitment to children is what drives the Charity Pro’s to continue to grow and expand. It’s our promise to bring all the joy and happiness we can to these brave young hearts through our fundraising efforts, cause programs and support provided to our partnering children’s charities.

Our Story

Founded by young entrepreneur Megan Maloney, The Charity Pro’s started as a group of friends & family all holding a true passion for making a difference in the life of children. With a focus on children’s health, poverty, education, protection and gender equality, the Charity Pro’s provide funding for other non-profit organizations throughout the nations that meet the direct needs of children. Our vision is that every child has the same opportunities no matter what obstacle they are facing. 

The passion started in 2009, when at only 11 years of age, Megan Maloney knew she wanted to make a difference. Megan had just lost three family members to cancer and was simply mad at the world when she had an “aha” moment. Shortly after sharing her idea with her father Brad, the duo test-launched an online travel site to raise money to help fight cancer. Charity Pro Travel was founded with the premise to donate 50% of the commission to the consumer’s charity of choice. When asked by a local CBS reporter how she felt about giving big at such a young age, little Megan proclaimed, “It makes me feel good inside, like I’m helping the world a little bit.” 

Fast forward 2019; Megan continues her effort to change the world.  Recently launching a newly updated version of Charity Pro Travel in conjunction with the Priceline Partner Network, Megan has teamed up with charities around the world to help raise money for their many causes.  Creating partnerships with the likes of Shriners Hospital for Children, Susan G Komen, Special Olympics, World Vision, Direct Relief, Stomp out Bullying, Trevor Project and many others, Megan and her team truly work to make a difference. 

What We Do

The Charity Pro’s advocate and support children’s cause programs for Health, Child Protection, Poverty, Education and Equality.  In addition, we facilitate the Megan’s Wish program, with a mission to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich their life experience with love, hope and strength.
We partner with community events and fundraiser activities such as concerts, festivals, home shows, expos and more.  We also partner with other non-profit organizations to help with volunteer work in support of their children’s programs. With donations received from strategic corporate partner relationships and programs, as well as public donations, we support other children’s charities that our organization is passionate about in which falls under our purpose.
The Charity Pro’s support the local organizations and individual programs in their communities as well as national children’s charities.  In addition, the Charity Pro’s form strategic Corporate Partnerships through various programming efforts, like Amazon Smile, Charity Pro Travel and others.