The Charity Pro’s Corporate Travel Program

City at nightYour company can help change the world, and it has never been easier. Thanks to our cause-marketing partner Charity Pro Travel and our friends at the Priceline Partner Network, we can now bring business and charities together for a common cause.
Simply by making a tax-deductible donation to The Charity Pro’s, work will begin on your custom travel site and have you saving and raising money in just a matter of a few days.

It’s that easy! Every time you book a hotel, rental car, airfare or vacation package, The Charity Pro’s donate our commission to your company’s charity of choice.

You will be provided a private custom built, company branded, travel booking site that can be used to book corporate travel or offer it to your employees as a benefit to book their own personal discounted travel.  The company and your employees will always get the lowest price, exceptional customer service and a trusted brand guarantee, all while raising funds for your favorite charities!

Simply provide us with a list of charities you would like to support, and we will feature them on your travel page.  Once travel is booked, your employees will choose from the list which charity they would like the donation to go to.

See a sample of of an exclusively branded Corporate Booking page below:

The Charity Pros sample corporate travel page

Exclusive Hotel Pricing

As a Corporate Travel Partner, you will receive access to the deepest discount hotel prices found anywhere. These prices are lower than any published price on any website, featuring up to 60% off published rates at over 50,000 hotels worldwide. Your company will save thousands of dollars in hotel bookings all while raising money for your charities!

Charity pro travel exclusive pricing

Become a Corporate Travel Partner Today!

Simply by making a tax-deductible donation to The Charity Pro’s, we will begin work on your custom travel site and have you saving and raising money in just a matter of days.

Donation request for companies with:

  • 1-15     Employees-$500
  • 16-30   Employees-$1000
  • 31-50   Employees-$2000
  • 51-100 Employees-$3000
  • 100+    Employees-$5000

Register Your Company

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Will my air travel still qualify for my airline travel benefits and miles?

Absolutely, simply enter your airline membership information at the time of your reservation.

As a rental car gold member, do I still get my benefits if I book with you?

Yes, we work with all the rental car company programs. Simply enter all of your membership information at time of booking. 

Do I still get my hotel benefits?

Yes, most hotel brands will credit your stay when booked with us, be sure to talk to your hotel when checking in and out.

How much does my charity receive for each booking?

  • Hotels Stay- between 3-6% of the net room cost
  • Rental Car- varies per vendor, but no less than $2 per day
  • International Airfare- varies per airline
  • Domestic Airfare- airlines no longer pay commission on bookings, however we will donate a minimum of $1.50 per reservation.