Megan’s Wish

Megan MaloneyWishes make life better for kids coping with traumatic circumstances and the grief of losing a parent or guardian. Each and every day, we learn of the incredible stories of children nationwide who are dealing with the effects of their loss. These children all come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, however they all share one thing: they are faced with challenges in their young lives that they will have to overcome while moving forward without the support of a parent or guardian. 

A wish come true helps children feel stronger, more energetic, and more willing to handle the overwhelming grief, for many, a wish marks a true turning point in their young lives.  

The Charity Pros Scholarship Fund was established to provide educational assistance to the surviving children of frontline healthcare workers and first responders who lost their lives in the fight against COVID-19. Scholarships will be available for general education, Arts, Theatre and Music through our partnership with Scholarship America.

Everyone, including individuals, organizations, and corporations, can help make dreams come true by donating. When you direct your gift to Megan’s Wish, 100% of your donation supports our program to help a child’s wish come true.

Our Megan’s Wish Kids can request just about anything for their wish, including vacations, trips to theme parks, meeting celebrities or idols, shopping, toys, electronics or commodities

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