Staff & Board

Megan Maloney- Founder

Megan Maloney — Founder

Megan Maloney is a young entrepreneur and Founder of Charity Pro Travel, a revolutionary online travel company that raises funds for charities around the globe. Megan believes that a successful life entails helping others and making a real difference in this world, thus bringing the Charity Pro’s together with a shared passion to advocate for children’s causes.  With focus on children’s health, poverty, education, protection and gender equality, Megan is fulfilling her true passion of changing the world and helping kids live their best life.

Keith & Mary Hudson — Founding Member

Keith & Mary Hudson — Founding Member

The Hudson’s are accomplished authors, motivational speakers and life coaches, with a true passion for helping others. As CEO of Hudson Ministries, Keith and his wife Mary, are a dynamic couple that have been ministering around the globe for over 40 years.  As Charity Pro’s, the Hudson’s are passionate about children’s social causes and with focus on poverty, education and gender equality. The Hudson’s have three adult children, Katy (Artist Katy Perry), Angela and David, along with three beautiful grandchildren. 

Rick Schneider

Rick Schneider — Chief Strategy Officer

Online travel pioneer Rick Schneider, recently retired from Priceline as the Vice President of Global Business Development for the Priceline Partner Network, has quickly emerged in the world of philanthropy. With over thirty years in the development of the billion dollar travel space, Rick is now focused on giving back. Recently named as Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at Charity Pro Travel, an upstart travel company that raises funds for charities around the globe, Rick’s early retirement has fired up a passion to help make a difference. 

Brad Maloney — Founding Member

Brad brings over 30 years of leadership experience as an entrepreneur in private and corporate executive management. As the father of Megan Maloney, the duo developed the Charity Pro Travel concept & business model. Working in the hospitality industry for over 40 years, Brad has created and sponsored several events and fundraisers for charities around the country. As a father of two girls, Brad has always had a passion for children’s charities with a focus on health and making kids dreams come true.

Bruce & Noelle Cramer — Founding Member

Bruce & Noelle Cramer — Founding Member

The Cramer’s have over 70 years of business and entrepreneurial pursuits between them, covering a wide array of experiences, i.e., sales, information technology, operations, supply chain, real estate, construction, investment and philanthropy.  As Charity Pro’s, they’ll continue their focus on children’s learning variabilities, dis-advantaged youth well-being, and LGBTQ issues. They have six children between them ranging from age 18 to 34 (3 Girls/3 Boys) providing diverse parenting experiences as well.

Steve Holloway — Founding Member

Steve Hollaway is a Husband, Father, Veteran, and Entrepreneur. With over 15 years in the IT and business marketing management world, he is an accomplished marketer and IT director. Steve has grown online distribution channels, marketing agencies, and basketball organizations from inception to fruition. He co-founded an Autism charity and has worked directly with organizations, developing them into power-house agencies.  Steve laid the technical groundwork for what Charity Pro Travel has become today. While serving in the U.S. Army, Steve received numerous awards for his service related to meritorious actions in a combat zone. 

Michael Hineline — Director

Michael Hineline — Director

As a connector that has lived far and wide throughout United States, Michael enjoys a marketing and networking career that reaches across multiple digital platforms from creative to development. Always working for the better good, Michael has focused on many causes and betterment by volunteering for the YMCA, local food pantries, church projects and providing snowboard lessons for youths.  His involvement with community projects has lead to successful events for the likes of  Make a Wish, Special Olympics, Nina Edison Foundation and the after school program for the Heights Foundation. The most important lesson that Michael would like to share is that the more talents a person has the more they need to give back.